Boards & Commissions

  1. Board of Assessors

    The Lowndes County Board of Assessors is responsible for the preparation of the annual real and personal property tax digest in compliance with the laws of Georgia.

  2. Board of Elections

    The Lowndes County Board of Elections was created through an act of legislation and functions under the direction of the Secretary of State of Georgia.

  3. Board of Health

    Learn about the Board of Health and the members.

  4. Courthouse Preservation Committee

    Learn about the duties and responsibilities of the Courthouse Preservation Committee.

  5. Animal Control Board

    The Animal Control Board promotes public safety and responsible dog ownership for the citizens of Lowndes County.

  6. VLMPO

    The Valdosta Lowndes County Metropolitan Planning Organization Citizen's Advisory Committee serves as a public information and involvement committee that represents a cross section of the community in diversity and interests.

  7. Board of Equalization

    The Board of Equalization is responsible for hearing appeals filed by property owners wishing to dispute the value placed on their property by the Lowndes County Board of Assessors.


    Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, Lowndes County Regional Planning Board is a state board charged with overseeing services related to crisis management, substance abuse, mental health and developmental disabilities.

  9. Greater Lowndes Planning Commission

    The Greater Lowndes Planning Commission was created to serve as a recommending body with regards to zoning/rezoning requests in Lowndes County.

  10. Hospital Authority

    As a public hospital, an eight-member Hospital Authority governs South Georgia Medical Center. Lowndes County and the City of Valdosta appoint authority members.

  11. Valdosta Lowndes Development Authority

    The Valdosta Lowndes Development Authority plays a major role in economic development and industrial recruitment in Lowndes County.

  12. KLVB

    As a partner of Keep America Beautiful and Keep Georgia Beautiful, Keep Lowndes/Valdosta Beautiful (KLVB), promotes environmental stewardship and beautification by empowering individuals through public education.

  13. Family and Children Services Board

    Appointees serve in an advisory role, addressing local services related to family and children service related issues such as child abuse; foster homes for abused and neglected children; helps low income, out-of-work parents get back on their feet; assists with childcare costs for low income parents who are working or in job training; and provides numerous support services and innovative programs to help troubled families.

  14. Lowndes County Development Authority

    Different than the Valdosta-Lowndes County Development Authority, the Lowndes County Development Authority serves as a funding mechanism for qualified projects that cannot be assisted by the Valdosta-Lowndes County Development Authority.

  15. Lowndes County Library Board

    Appointed entirely by the Lowndes County Board of Commissioners, the Library Board is responsible for operating the public library system in Lowndes County.

  16. Lowndes County Public Facilities Authority

    Created via Resolution 05-1130, the general purpose of the authority is declared to be that of providing through the acquisition, construction, installation, renovation, expansion, modification or rehabilitation, any buildings, structure, facilities, improvements, furnishings, fixtures, machinery, equipment and services for the citizens in the county.

  17. South Regional Joint Development Authority

    Similar to the Lowndes Development Authority, this joint authority is comprised of members representing Lowndes, Berrien, Brooks, Clinch, Echols and Lanier counties.

  18. Valdosta-Lowndes County Airport Authority

    Legislatively created to support and direct the operations of the Valdosta Regional Airport, members supervise an Executive Director.

  19. Conference Center and Tourism Authority

    Legislatively created to support and direct the tourism efforts, members supervise a hired General Manager.

  20. Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals

    Appointed by both Lowndes County and the City of Valdosta to three year appointments, members hold hearings when there are discrepancies between permitting agencies and citizens with regards to building code interpretations.

  21. Valdosta-Lowndes County Landbank Authority

    The Land Bank Authority catalogs properties have been abandoned, donated or otherwise acquired and makes them available for development.

  22. Parks and Recreation Authority

    Legislatively created, the authority is responsible for providing recreation and other quality of life programs in Lowndes County.

  23. Zoning Board of Appeals

    Appointed by both Lowndes County and the City of Valdosta as a part of the planning and zoning appeals process, members hear requests for variances to zoning decisions made by the city and county.