Elections & Voting

Use the MVP Log In to check your:

  • Voter registration status
  • Mail-in application and ballot status
  • Poll location
  • Early voting locations
  • Elected Officials
  • Registration information on file with the county office
  • Sample ballot for the upcoming election
  • Provisional ballot status



You can download the free “GA SOS” app from the Apps Store for both Droid and Apple platforms.  Once downloaded on a smart phone or tablet, the app can be used to register to vote and access your MVP page.  Or text “GA” to “2VOTE” (28683) for a link to the GA SOS site.


Are you interested in being a poll worker?

Go to the following website and complete the Veteran Poll Worker Application.



If you voted Provisional, and want to find out if your vote counted, you may call the Elections Office at 229-671-2850, email elections@lowndescounty.com, or visit the Lowndes County Elections webpage at http://www.lowndescounty.com/221/Elections-Voting.


The office’s responsibilities include:

  • Assisting elected officials and candidates in completing state ethics forms and maintaining them for public inspection
  • Conducting elections for federal, state, and local offices
  • Federal, state, and local redistricting
  • Maintaining U.S. Justice Department compliance and implementing federal and state legislation, Supreme Court Decisions, and Attorney General Opinions
  • Other functions include voter registration, voter education, and service to the community where we work and live

The diverse office staff consists of 5 full-time persons and a varying number of part-time staff to meet fluctuating work demands and polling place staffing.

For additional voter information including an online voting registration form, visit the My Voter Page.

Citizens wishing to vote by mail may request an absentee ballot by phone, email, fax or in person. If you have any further questions please call 229-671-2850.

The Lowndes County Voter Registration and Elections’ Provisional Verification number is 229-671-2850 or elections@lowndescounty.com.

Poll workers needed!

Come in to the Elections office and bring your driver’s license and social security card.