Q. Whose email address is required to receive a Trial?  Can a shelter's own email address be used?

A. Insurance Law dictates that the recipient of the policy documents has to be the insured, in this case, the new pet owner.  Therefore the email provided must belong to the adopter as they are the recipient of the Trial of Insurance.  As such, an organization that provides their own email address to activate a policy on behalf of the adopter will cause the application of insurance to be voided.

Q. When does the coverage for the 24PetWatch Trial of Insurance begin?

A. Enrollment is required in order for coverage to be available.  Once enrollment, accident coverage begins at 12:01 am, and named peril illness coverage begins at 12:01 am the 3rd day following enrollment.  Full illness coverage is available at 12:01 am on the 15th day following enrollment.

Q. When will adopters get the 24PetWatch Trial Email?

A. Within 24hrs of adoption. Adopters have 7 days to complete the activation of their policy via the activation email or phone.

 Q. Where can I find more info?

A.  Please visit our 24PetWatch Community Page for videos and additional information on 24PetWatch Insurance and Lost Pet programs, and information for new pet parents!

Q. Why is the adopter receiving a "policy not found" error when registering through 24PetWatch.com?

A. It may take up to one hour for the policy to be available for online or phone activation. This is to allow the Trial policy generated by PetPoint to synchronize with the North River Insurance systems. If you receive a "policy not found" error when registering through 24PetWatch.com, please try again in an hour, or call the activation phone number.

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