Why do I have to vaccinate my pet? He never leaves the house ...
To protect the health and safety of its citizens, this state and county has rabies laws. We live in an area where wild and domestic animals have been found to have rabies on occasion. Bats, Raccoons, fox, cats, dogs, and ferrets all can be rabies carriers and fall under the rabies control laws. However, rodents, opossum, squirrel, and rabbits are not likely to be carriers of rabies and exposure of your pet to these animals is not an emergency.

All dogs, cats, and ferrets must have an annual vaccination by a licensed Veterinarian, and display the current rabies tag on their body. If your animal has been exposed to a possible carrier, an exposure report must be made and quarantine procedures followed. Please call the shelter at 229-671-2760 and dial 0.

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6. Why do I have to vaccinate my pet? He never leaves the house ...
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