Witness Subpoenas

This is an update for the Jury Trial calendar for Monday, June 21, 2021. The following cases are still ON  the calendar and those witnesses are expected to appear in court according to your subpoenas. The cases are as follows:

The State of GA vs.

Thomas Kelly                                             Chernitha Berrian                                 James Calhoun

Jamelia Wright                                           Alfred Smallwood, Jr.                           Hubert Hogan

Lennard Thomas                                        Jon Parker                                             Steven Booker

John Robinson                                            Mia Collier


All other cases not listed have come OFF the calendar and those witnesses do not need to appear in court.

Please make sure you stop by the Information Table on the first floor of the lobby to check in with the Solicitor’s Office.

 Thank you,

Lowndes County Solicitor-General’s Office