Witness Subpoenas




This is an update for the Motion calendar for Monday, September 27, 2021 at the Lowndes County Judicial Complex.


The following cases have come OFF the calendar and those witnesses do not need to appear in court. The cases are as follows:


The State of Georgia v.

Thomas Turner                                   Victor Small                            Caleb Hylton

Khahaifa Jackson                                 Lisa Cooper                             William Lovett

Edward Balzer                                     Tahesha Miller            Oshea Brown

Danielle Kelley                                    Ansley Young                           Tylyn Merlang

Tyshawn Skanes                                  Ronald Corbett                        Errol Wilson

Lazaro Jo Real                                     Antonio Mesa Wessaert         Gulard Wheeler

Elijah Davis                                          Sherman Vasvary                    Eddie White

Stuart Stith                                          James Wilkes                           Carshie Adams

Frank Roberts                                      Rudolpho Vasquez                  Stevie Jenkins


All other cases not listed are still ON the calendar and witnesses are expected to appear in court according to your subpoenas.


Please make sure you stop by the Information Table on the first floor of the lobby to check in with the Solicitor’s Office.


 Thank you,

Lowndes County Solicitor-General’s Office