After Hours 

After Hours Protocol: Monday-Friday 4:30pm to 8:00am   Saturday-Sundays emergencies only 

 After hours call outs:

  • Aggressive dogs not allowing public entry to their home, vehicle, or charging at people.
  • Severely injured dogs or cats with no owner present
  • House Fire requiring removal of Animals
  • EMS requiring removal of Animals
  • Police seizure and removal of Animals
  • A Dog, cat, or wildlife(carnivore) bite which has broken the skin on a human
  • Police assistance serving warrant or arrest requiring removal of animals
  • Police assistance for animal cruelty and removal of animals
  • Exigent circumstances. Dog or cat is going to die if not brought in prior to next business day. Owner is not present.
  • Removal of possibly rabid domestic and wild animals (Raccoons, Bats, or foxes) from homes or property if animals and humans are exposed.

* Animals outside of Lowndes County are not accepted.

If you're calling after hours for a non-emergency issue please leave a message on 229-671-2760. We will respond the following business day.

If you have a bonified animal emergency not involving an accident or animal bite please call the non-emergency Dispatch number at 229-245-5270.

Please do not inundate 911 with non-emergency calls. 

If you're calling after hours for a bonified emergency issue, please call 911.

Examples of non-emergency calls:
- Barking dogs
- Non-aggressive stray animals.
- Routine (non-life) threatening Welfare checks.
- Feral cats.
- Dead animals on the road.
- Wildlife and cats up in trees.