Early Voting

Voters from all 9 precincts can cast their votes up to 21 days before Election Day at the Lowndes County Elections Office.

Absentee / Advance Voting

You have the right to request an absentee / advance ballot by mail and are not required to provide a reason. Simply complete the Application for Official Absentee / Advance Ballot (PDF) and email or return to:
Lowndes County Elections
P.O. Box 10130
Valdosta, GA 31604

Election Day Voting

All voters can cast their votes at their assigned precinct on Election Day. Check your precinct card to determine your Polling Location.

Provisional Ballot Voting

A provisional ballot is a paper ballot cast by a voter, when the polling place manager cannot readily determine whether the voter is registered to vote in that particular precinct.

After a provisional ballot is cast, the Elections Office has 2 days after the election to research and determine if the individual is a registered voter and the ballot should be counted. A letter will be mailed to each provisional voter after the election noting whether or not the ballot was counted, and the reason.

To find out if your provisional ballot was counted prior to receiving a letter, you can email, call 229-671-2850, or come into the office.

Rides to the Polls

The Democratic and Republican parties will provide rides to polling places and elections office.

  • Democratic Party
    Phone: 229-560-3785
    Phone: 229-241-1694
  • Republican Party
    Phone: 229-548-3748
    Phone: 229-241-0916