Polling Locations

Early Voting

Voters from all 9 precincts can cast their votes up to 21 days before Election Day at the Lowndes County Elections Office.

Last Day / Election Day Only

Polling Location
Hahira Historical Society
2Trinity Presbyterian Church
3Northside Baptist Church Gym
4Naylor Community Center
5James H. Rainwater Conference Center
6Mildred M. Hunter Community Center
7Papermill Union Hall
8Dasher City Hall
9South Lowndes Recreation Complex

Municipal Precincts

Valdosta precincts are the same as county precincts. Municipal precincts, used for municipal elections only. Below are the municipal precincts:

  • DASH: Dasher City Hall
  • HC: Hahira Courthouse
  • LP: Lake Park Civic Center
  • REM: Remerton City Hall