Public Notice

As of July 1st 2023 changes to State Law (OCGA) triggered a minimum 30 day advertisement on agenda items considered by the Valdosta-Lowndes County Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBOA).  Additional information about these changes may be found here - Georgia General Assembly - HB 1405 (ga.gov).  Please note that these changes apply statewide and will affect other jurisdictions as well.  

The new application deadlines for Lowndes County are as follows:

ZBOA Agenda Items i.e. variances, appeals, etc.

        a.    The 10th of the previous month e.g. an application turned in August 10th 2023 by 5:00 pm would be heard by the ZBOA October 3rd 2023.

        b.    Due to the changes in OCGA the new ZBOA Agenda Items deadline is already underway.  


To effectively administer the Lowndes County Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) as it relates to zoning administration services. To provide technical assistance to the public and private sector as it pertains to the development and use of land within the unincorporated areas of Lowndes County.

Provisions within the ULDC include:

  • Administrative Procedures
  • Boards and Agencies
  • General Provisions
  • Infrastructure Improvements
  • Protection of Natural Features and Resources
  • Site Design Standards
  • Standards for Accessory and Temporary Uses
  • Variations
  • Zoning Districts

Valdosta/Lowndes County Land Bank Authority

The Valdosta/Lowndes County Land Bank Authority was established pursuant to O.C.G.A. §48-4-60, et seq., to foster the public purpose of returning property which is in a non-revenue generating, non-tax producing status to effective utilization status in order to provide housing, new industry, and jobs for citizens.