Delinquency Policy

  • A 10% late fee will be assessed if not paid in 15 days
  • Bills are payable in 15 days
  • Call 229-671-2500 to request a hearing or make payment arrangements before disconnection
  • To establish service after disconnection, you are required to pay your outstanding account plus a $30 reconnect fee in cash before 3 p.m. to restore service within the same day
  • Water / sewer service will be disconnected if billing is 30 days unpaid from the date of bill issuance not due date

Deposit Refund Policy

A $100 deposit is required to establish service. After a year of service and a good payment history you can request to have your deposit refunded to your account balance or your deposit will stay on your account until you final your account.

Deposit Waivers

Deposits may be waived for Active Military Personnel with a letter from a Section Commander or First Sergeant stating verification that the individual is currently assigned to full time, active duty military service at Moody AFB, GA and has no record of financial irresponsibility. Employees of Lowndes County may also apply for deposit waivers by contacting the personnel office or department directors.

Meter Deposits

Every user of water supplied by the county utility system or sewer serviced by the county utility system shall pay or cause to be paid a meter deposit for each meter to the county prior to their use of such water or sewer service. Meter deposits shall be a means by which the county utility system recoups its loss if a customer does not pay his/her bill or theft of the meter. The meter deposit cost is $100. Deposits are refundable without interest under the following conditions:

  • At the end of 1 year of continuous service with acceptable payment history and upon the request of the customer
  • Upon discontinuance of service and upon payment of all charges, service fees, and other unpaid bills, the deposit may be applied toward said unpaid charges, fees and bills

Water / Sewer Service Responsibility Policy

The owner shall indemnify and hold the county and its employees, agents, and representatives free and harmless from any and all liability or responsibility for all injury, loss or damage that may result directly or indirectly from the installation, connection and maintenance of water service lines beginning at the water meter box and from the installation, connection and maintenance of lateral sewer service lines from the county's main sewer connection.