Lowndes County 911


The Lowndes County 911 Center is a consolidated Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) serving the unincorporated and incorporated areas of Lowndes County and neighboring Echols County. The agency provides emergency, non-emergency and text-to-911 call answering and dispatch services for all local public safety agencies (fire, law enforcement, and ambulance). The center also acts as the Program Manager for the Lowndes County / Valdosta Public Safety Radio System, a state-of-the-art 800 MHz, digital, trunked, voice and data system. 

The center processes approximately 650 calls-for-service each day and is capable of routinely surging over 700 calls-for-service in any 24-hour period.


Lowndes County 911 was awarded Communications Accreditation by The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA) in July 2003 and was the second communications center in Georgia to achieve this status. The agency has maintained this award since that time.

CALEA maintains an access portal which allows for comment and feedback with regard to candidate agencies seeking initial accreditation or reaccreditation status.  Access is provided as an opportunity for comments, commendations, and other information regarding the agency’s quality of service or other information relevant to the accreditation process. Members of the public may access Lowndes County 911’s agency specific portal by clicking on the below link.


Open Records Request

You may obtain copies of 911 calls or records by contacting the Office of the County Clerk by phone, 229-671-2400, or email bocrecords@lowndescounty.com. Verbal requests will be handled with the same priority as written requests; however, if requests are made in writing requestors are afforded additional time and cost accountabilities under the Open Records Act. This being the case, there could be a slight delay in verbal requests in the event a written request is made. If you need records, but are unsure with regards to making an open records request, please call 229-671-2400 to inquire. 

Submitting a Complaint or Commendation to the Agency

Complaints and/or commendations should describe the incident and include the date, time and location of the incident if possible. If you would like to make a complaint or submit a commendation, you may do so in the following ways: 

-Contact the Lowndes County 911 Center at 229-245-5270 24 hours a day and request to speak with the on duty Supervisor. Supervisors will take the appropriate action.

-Contact the Lowndes County 911 Center Director or Assistant Director at 229-245-5246 during business hours.

- Make your complaint or commendation in writing and forward it to the below address.

Lowndes County 911
1515 Madison Highway
Valdosta, GA 31601

Annual Statistical Summaries of Internal Investigations

Year Total Investigations Sustained Not Sustained Undetermined
2022 2 2 0 0
2021 5 3 2 0
2020 3 2 1 0
2019 4 2 2 0

Performance Measures

  2019          2020 2021 2022
Incoming Emergency Calls 94,242 96,300 104,382 102,144
Incoming Non- Emergency Calls 89,904 91,181 93,009 93,407
Outgoing Calls 61,854 67,845 76,645 69,786
Text Sessions       225
Total 246,000 255,326 274,036 265,562
Calls Resulting in Dispatch 119,826 179,045 175,780 124,838
Percentage of Calls Answered within 10 Secs. 93% 90.51% 89.96% 89,44%
Avg. Call Processing Times (In Secs.) 113 130 s 131 s 125 s